Our Mission: To provide the highest quality tactical experience to every customer who enters our facility. We value the connections we make with customers and commit to doing everything necessary to create a fun and safe family-friendly environment.

About Us

Laser Tag Pro Milwaukee

Laser Tag Pro Milwaukee is an over 12,000 square foot laser tag facility and arcade founded by Aaron Fischer the CEO of Laser Tag Pro. He is a local resident who dreamed of opening a laser tag arena since high school. That dream became a reality in 2014 with the opening of Milwaukee’s newest tactical laser tag facility in the exact same strip mall he visited years ago.

What Makes Us Different

One thing that makes this facility incredibly unique is our equipment. Laser Tag Pro has designed and built their own commercial grade laser tag equipment and software  that you will use during gameplay. This means our arena always takes full advantage of the latest innovations in technology to create the most entertaining live gaming experience. This also means anything new we develop can be played first by you!